Bell Hypoallergenic Cover Eye&Skin Concealer 035

Rp 115.000

A cosmetic for special tasks. The HYPOAllergenic Eye&Skin Cover Concealer hides any skin imperfections flawlessly. Its formula has purposefully been created to also be used around the eyes. It covers the dark circles under your eyes and optically smoothens the skin around them. It ensures a strong and long-lasting covering and is very comfortable to use. It has a light consistency and does not dry up the skin. It does not change color on the skin and does not gather in its creases. Ideal to match with other cosmetics. The applicator makes a precise use possible. A range of four different shades facilitates finding the most appropriate one for every skin type. It has no fragrance. Examined by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. Perfect for people with sensitive and allergic skin.

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