TUTTI FRUTTI Pear & Cranberry bath and shower gel – 100ml

Rp 74.500

Oil bath and shower with a fascinating aroma of pears with a refreshing hint of cranberryENERGIZING injection of optimism and Happiness!Even in the times of Antiquity Romans valued pear called by Them “Star Gardens” FOR ITS health benefits and taste. Sensual sweetness of pears perfectly refreshing tart cranberries, which they called the Delaware Indians “ibimi” or sour berry. This hot composition is filled with optimism and adds energy.Extremely light, fluffy foam with iridescent flecks sensually wraps and cleanses the body. Thanks to the content of extracts from cranberries and pears and the moisturizing complex gives the skin a velvety softness, moisturizes and refreshes. Vibrant smell improves mood and releases positive energies.

Pear and Cranberry bath gel transforms the cold water tap into rejuvenation and the hot water tap into cleansing; mixing them helps your skin. This is, in short, the united effort of natural fruits oils and a whole plethora of vitamins A, E, F.